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The BIG Question

Fencing & Gates: Timber or Aluminium?

With all the designs of fencing to choose from, there are just two main materials used for building them: timber and aluminium. Deciding what is right for you, it is important to look at the important factors that will determine the lifespan of your fence or gate.
From the information below, you will be able to confidently choose the right fence for your project as well as making the right long-term choice.

Longevity: Timber vs Aluminium
Rain, sun, wind and UV sun rays can take their toll on a fence. Brisbane’s hot, humid and wet summers cause tImber to warp, crack and rot over time. Termites also present a threat to timber.
These natural elements are ineffective against Aluminium. Aluminium is naturally rust-proof and is also powder coated. Once installed it requires no weather-related maintenance.

Maintenance: Timber vs Aluminium
As a timber fence breaks down from weathering, repairs become necessary in order to keep the structural integrity of the fence intact. This costs time and money, whether you do it yourself or hire someone. Timber can be oiled or painted to withstand weathering, but these treatments need to be applied annually.
An aluminium fence will require no such repairs or maintenance and is naturally durable.

Cost: Timber vs Aluminium
The main benefit of timber fencing is the relatively low cost of materials and installation.
However there are ongoing costs associated with timber. Timber fencing also has a shorter lifespan, so it will eventually need to be completely replaced.
Aluminium fencing will be more expensive. But once that initial investment is made there is little to no cost for the foreseeable future as aluminium fencing is built to last. Over the long run, aluminium fencing will be more cost effective.

Aesthetics: Timber vs Aluminium
There is a visual appeal to the warmth and charm of timber. The white timber picket fence can complement the architecture, design and landscape of a traditional style house or country home.
Aluminium slat fencing on the other hand goes well with both traditional and modern architecture, giving the property a fresh look, clean lines with bold and block colours.

Environmentally friendly: Timber vs Aluminium
A fence built out of aluminium is one less stretch of a forest that needs to be cut down. Less timber to treat with toxic chemicals and replace with more timber over time means a positive action on your part for the environment.

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